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  1. 515-3250 - Two cherries key chain

    515-3250 - Two cherries key chain

    Miniature version of the famous Two Cherries carving tools is made from the same fine materials and meticulous craftsmanship as it's full size brothers. The German steel blade (dulled for safety) is hardened and polished and the octagon Hornbeam handle is a perfect replica of the "real thing". Tool length is 4". Learn More
  2. Two Cherries 520-5080 Oval Burnisher with Wood Handle

    Two Cherries 520-5080 Oval Burnisher with Wood Handle

    Oval Burnisher With Handle - Oval burnisher for sharpening hand and cabinet scraper blades. Includes handle and approximately 9-1/2" in overall length. - Blade Length: 9-1/2" Learn More
  3. Two Cherries Card Scrapers

    Two Cherries Card Scrapers

    3 piece set of scrapers are made from the finest German steel. Rectangle, curved on opposite ends, and the classic goose neck shape included in the set. Blades are 0.8mm in thickness. Use a burnisher to sharpen. Learn More
  4. Robert Larson 580-6400 Saw Set 180mm Long
  5. Resaw on a table saw with total control over the workpiece using the GRR-Ripper 3D Pushblock System. Virtually eliminates burn, keeps fingers protected, and greatly reduces the chance of kickback.

    Basic GRR-Ripper + DVD

    Best of all, GRR-Ripper's patented design eliminates any need for bare-hand feeding. Rather than acting as a saw guard that is affixed to the back of the table saw, or that hovers above it, the GRR-Ripper not only firmly holds your stock but serves as a movable saw guard, traveling with your hands as a rugged barricade protecting them from the blade. Maximizing the use of your materials no longer has to compromise your safety, and remember too, this safety factor comes with the huge bonus of truly better cuts. Seeing is believing. See GRR-Ripper in action on the videos throughout this site. We trust you will decide to opt for safety and accuracy. Learn More
  6. Advanced GRR-Ripper + DVD

    Advanced GRR-Ripper + DVD

    This advanced model of the GRR-Ripper utilizes all the same innovative features of the GR-100 but comes with two additional accessories that improve the control and expandability of the GRR-Ripper System. The GR-200 is built to meet the needs of the professional woodworker or extreme hobbyist. With enhanced versatility features, the GR-200 will perform operations that were before very dicey and time-consuming with ease and speed. Whether you are making razor-thin veneer strips, building miniatures, or creating exquisite furniture you will save time, materials, and fingers with the GRR-Ripper. The GR-200 includes these additional accessories:

    Learn More
  7. Microjig - GRHB-010 - MJ Handle Bridge for the GRR-Ripper Control System

    Microjig - GRHB-010 - MJ Handle Bridge for the GRR-Ripper Control System

    Simply put, the MJ Handle Bridge improves the control of the GRR-Ripper and reduces the amount of handle adjustments. Great for comfort and ergonomic handle positions. A useful and convienient accessory for the GRR-Ripper Control System. Learn More

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  8. Microjig - GRDC-020 - MJ Deflector/Connector

    Microjig - GRDC-020 - MJ Deflector/Connector

    The MJ Deflector/Connector keeps flying wood chips at bay or acts as an extended blade guard for the GRR-RIPPER and GRR-RIP BLOCK. This useful accessory is great when working with larger stock to connect two GRR-Rippers together. A great addition that never compromises your safety or the quality of your work. Learn More
  9. Microjig - GRP-11G - 1/8" Leg

    Microjig - GRP-11G - 1/8" Leg

    With New 1/8" Leg accessory for the GRR-Ripper, you will unlock your true potential for creating beautiful and unique details to enhance your projects without risking your safety. Make sure your next project stands out with the 1/8" Leg and the GRR-Ripper Control System. Learn More
  10. Microjig - SP-2 - MJ Splitter™ SteelPro

    Microjig - SP-2 - MJ Splitter™ SteelPro

    It’s strength and ease of use makes the MJ Splitter™ SteelPro perfect for table saws that cut heavy-duty solid wood. Make no compromises in quality. Make no compromises in safety. Learn More

Items 31 to 40 of 112 total

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