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  1. Two cherries - Veneer saw

    Two cherries - Veneer saw

    Veneer cutter with oval blade and offset handle. Cutting veneer with a knife leaves a beveled edge on the veneer cut whereas this tool makes a ninety degree cut of your veneer allowing a perfect joining of veneer pieces. Made in germany Learn More

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  2. Pax 1776 18" Tenon Saw 9tpi Rip - Closed English Elm handle

    Pax 1776 18" Tenon Saw 9tpi Rip - Closed English Elm handle

    • Hand finished English Elm Handle, danish oiled for ultimate comfort
    • Solid Brass Screws and Caps
    • Mirror Finished Brass Back with traditional style roll mark "PAX 1776"
    • Hand Sharpened 
    • Can be Re-sharpened
    Learn More
  3. Lynx - 4' Two Man Crosscut Saw

    Lynx - 4' Two Man Crosscut Saw

    * Pair of Beech Handles and fittings to attach handles to blade
    * Peg Tooth formation allows cutting on both push and pull stroke through the wood
    * Can be Re-sharpened using a Large File

    Learn More
  4. Pax - Saw Screws & Caps (Solid brass)

    Pax - Saw Screws & Caps (Solid brass)

    As used in our factory, saw screws and caps. Many people find these useful for replacing lost screws or to revamp old saws for use. Sold as individual screw and cap complete. We have a choice of two different screws and caps: solid brass or brass plated. Learn More

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  5. Crown - Mitre Box - 9"

    Crown - Mitre Box - 9"

    The Crown Mitre Box is made from the finest kiln dried Beech. Ensure perfect mitre joints by using the Mitre Box for guidance. Available in various sizes and either Glued and Pinned or Glued and Screwed. Learn More

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  6. Silky - GOMBOY 240mm ( MED Teeth )

    Silky - GOMBOY 240mm ( MED Teeth )

    - 9-1/2-inch (240 mm) blade length - 8.5 teeth per inch (10 teeth per 30 mm) teeth configuration - 0.6 pounds (272 grams) operating weight; 0.8 pounds (362 grams) weight with carrying case - Clear plastic hinged carrying case for storage and carrying is included - Product applications include pruning & trimming, lawn & garden, construction - Limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship Learn More
  7. Silky - GOMBOY 300 (MED Teeth)

    Silky - GOMBOY 300 (MED Teeth)

    The largest folding saw of the Gomboy family, this multipurpose saw sports a 30 centimetre or 11 4/5 inch long blade. Learn More
  8. Two Cherries Offset Dovetail Saw

    Two Cherries 520-6050 10-Inch Brass Back Offset Dovetail Saw

    The stiffening back is made out of brass to add guiding weight and aesthetic joy.

    Highest quality German tool with 15 teeth per inch.

    Offset Dovetail: 10"

    Learn More
  9. Coping saw


    This high quality coping saw can be adjusted to any angle, providing the best approach to your work. The tension is adjusted be means of turning the handle, and the saw frame accepts standard coping saw blades with pins Learn More
  10. Coping saw blades

    Coping Saw Blades for Wood (12 pack)

    High quality coping saw blades with pinned ends. Fits most coping saws old or new. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 25 total

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