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  1. Japanese Shinto Rasp

    Japanese Shinto Rasp - Fixed Handle

    This unique shaping tool cuts like a rasp, but leaves a finish like that of a sanding tool. The tool feature fine and coarse teeth on opposite sides of the tool, and make quick work of any wood shaping and finishing job. Made in Japan. Learn More
  2. Staircase Makers Rasp

    Staircase Makers Rasp

    This tool was originally designed to assist the staircase-maker in his work, but has now found it's way into the woodcarvers tool box. Once you have this unique rasp, you will not know how you got along without it! Size is the approximate circumference. Learn More

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  3. Shinto Planer Saw Rasp 10"

    Shinto Planer Saw Rasp 10"

    Hardened steel teeth Teeth designed to prevent clogging Replaceable blade Double-sided: coarse and fine Learn More

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3 Item(s)

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