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  1. Guide d'aiguisage (Honing Guide)

    Guide d'aiguisage (Honing Guide)

    Il est si simple d'utiliser cet outil pour aiguiser vos accessoires. Vous n'avez qu'à serrer vos couteaux ou fers de rabot selon l'angle désiré sur votre pierre et vous aurez un aiguisage parfait à tout coup. Facile à utiliser sur des pierres d'aiguisage à l'eau ou à l'huile. En savoir plus
    10,99 $CA
  2. M Power DMT Extra coarse 120g

    M Power DMT Extra coarse 120g

    An extra coarse (120 grit) DMT diamond replacement plate for M-Power's Precision Sharpening System. Creates a sharp, serviceable edge. En savoir plus
    37,99 $CA


  3. Diamond Cross Fine Finishing (red)

    M Power DMT Fine Stone Silver 600g

    A fine (600 grit) DMT diamond replacement plate for M-Power's Precision Sharpening System. Creates a sharp, serviceable edge. Can also be used as a preparation step for use of the super-fine (1200 grit) stone. USA En savoir plus
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    M.POWER has developed the brand new high spec “Diamond Cross” stones specifically for the PSS to bring you an innovative and powerful combination sharpening system that will have you regaining that razor sharp edge in seconds. Chisel in.. and sharpen. Plane blade in... and sharpen. No set up time.. No complicated attachments and No experience needed.. It’s that simple. From the total beginner to the most discerning of professionals. The Precision Sharpening System allied with the new Diamond Cross tones will deliver a flat ground edge every time. En savoir plus
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  5. Two Cherries 520-5090 - Brunissoir rond avec manche en bois
    23,99 $CA
  6. Two Cherries 520-5085 - Brunissoir triangulaire avec manche en bois
    30,99 $CA
  7. Two Cherries Sharpening DVD

    Two Cherries Sharpening DVD

    An instructional DVD from Two Cherries covering the sharpening of chisel and plane blades, as well as a wide range of carving tool sweeps and sizes, from 1mm micro gouges to 3" fishtail tools, V-tools, and more. The sharpening methods demonstrated use only easy to find sharpening equipment and shop-made jigs. The techniques do not require the use of hard to find or expensive equipment. The instructor also shows how to repair and restore a damaged cutting edge. DVD can be played in English, Spanish, German, Dutch, or French. Approximately 73 minutes. En savoir plus
    28,99 $CA
  8. TRI-HONE 8"

    TRI-HONE 8"

    Quality edge tools cannot be properly sharpened with only one stone. You need a courser stone to start, and then work your way through finer stones for a truly sharp edge! Here are three oil stones mounted on a triangular cedar base so that you can easily work your way to a great cutting edge. Includes Aluminium Oxide stone (course), Soft Arkansas, and Hard Arkansas stones. En savoir plus
    49,99 $CA
  9. Arkansas file set

    Arkansas file set

    File Set contains the most used files for woodcarvers, gunsmiths, and machinist. Boxed for protection. Each stone is 4" long. En savoir plus
    60,99 $CA
  10. PSS1 Diamond DeBurringPlate


    Backing Off is so easy with the PSS1 Diamond De-Burring Plate. Using the PSS is one of the fastest ways to touch up or regain an edge on a plane blade or chisel. The speed and ease has been further improved with a neat addition to the PSS accessory range. Simply fit the new 1000 Grit Diamond De-Burring Plate into the blade receiving recess in the PSS base and it removes the Wire or Burr from the back of the blade in no time. The Oil resistant 3M self adhesive backing ensures that when it’s fitted it’s down for good.

    En savoir plus
    37,99 $CA


10 article(s)

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